Workshop Newborn Safety

Houston 2nd edition

Save the date: 08/28/2023

Save the date: 08/28/

Hello Newborn Photographers!

We are always in the need to look for differentiation and to be one step beyond our competitors.

Learning about the newborn´s anatomy and physiology you can give this step ahead. 

In this course you will learn how to pose your babies using anatomy´s and physiology´s principles, how to make safe pose transitions and how to quickly identify if the baby is not comfortable. You will also learn about how to photograph newborns with genetic alterations such as Down syndrome, broken collarbone, and hip dysplasia.

Using what you will learn in this course you will upward you customer´s confidence and trust.

I will open one exclusive class with 10 spots on Aug 28th 2023 - 9am - 6pm, Downtown Houston.

The enrollment fee is:

USD 200.00 for the first 5 enrollments + one surprise gift - only one spot left

USD 250.00 for enrollments until June 30th

USD 350.00 for enrollments after June 30th

"if you believe that newborn photography is much more than "just a click", you are on the right road"


Pay through Zelle at 8326285011 and please, send the payment receipt to the email: 

After you send the proof via e-mail, you will receive the confirmation of your registration within 24 hours, along with the payment receipt.

SEE YOU ON 08/28/2023